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Scientific and unscientific thinking in India

Scientific , unscientific
Scientific and unscientific

On 9th March, in the dainik Bhaskar newspaper, there was an article written by former Union Minister Shashi Tharoor. The article titled "Anti-science attitude can not make India a superpower" has been mentioned in the article, that the leader of BJP including the prime minister and the sympathizers of the BJP attack their principles in science, and the unscientific Promote The article mentions the speech given by Prime Minister Narendra Modi in the inaugural function of Mumbai's hospital in October 2014, claiming that the goddess of the elephant is Ganesha, proof of this that there was knowledge of plastic surgery in ancient India. In Rajasthan, the Minister of Education and BJP's veteran leader Vasudev Devnani also mentioned the claim in which he had said that the cow was the only one. The queen who takes oxygen, and releases oxygen only. The article also has written about the interview of Mahesh Chand Sharma, a former Judge of Rajasthan High Court, in which he said that India's national bird peafowl is cosmic throughout life and drinks his tears and makes piglets pregnant is.

By reading the article, it appears that to make a secular India a Hindu nation, BJP leader and BJP sympathize with intentionally weakening the role of science. But I believe that such leaders and individuals deliberately attack the principles of science Do not deliberately promote unscientificity. Rather they regard those principles and theories as the true and true of the unscientific theory they preach. Believe in scientific theories

In our country, children get education in two ways. The first is that the children learn from the school, according to another method, children read and learn in school. Children go to school before going to school to know why they are day and night. When the children bathed in the morning, grandparents often say that the son took a bath and now greet the sun god. Curiosity- When children ask about Lord Sun, they are told that the Sun is God and they come sitting on the chariot to illuminate the world. The sun pulls 7 horses to the chariot of God.

When children ask about Rainbows in the rainy season. Then they are told that Indra God lives in heaven. Those who are the god of rain, pours water on the earth with the grace of them, which you see in the sky rainbow, this bow belongs to the same God.

During the lunar eclipse and solar eclipse, when children want to know about the lunar eclipse and the solar eclipse from the elderly of the house, they are told that the monster named Rahu swallows the Sun God and the Moon, then the eclipse seems to be eclipse. Fasting time, donate plenty of charity Only then will the sun and moon god get rid of this monster's clutches as quickly as possible. Thousands of unscientific principles are unknowingly set in the minds of the children.

When children go to school, they are taught science, but by the first master only lies in the minds of the children, that they do not understand the truth of science. To pass the exam, children cry out in the books. And the exam passes well by good numbers but due to the lies sitting in the mind, do not believe in things written in school books.

I have met many well-educated and educated people who, even after being written, are superstitious people of unscientific thinking. I met a lawyer who was saying that there were big and curly hair since the birth of our baby. I did not want curd hairy hairy haircut but had to be done because the temples did not go to the temple with the impure hair of the time of birth until it was not shaved. I questioned the lawyer sahib that even after having written so much, even if you believe in profanity and despair, then he started saying that the words written in the Ramayana Mahabharata Ved Puranas do not go wrong.

I have also met people of BJP who are well-educated but are also superstitious people of unscientific thinking.

Mahesh Chandra Sharma, former Judge of Rajasthan High Court, has said anything about the peacock. That's the thing I've heard from thousands of people. Clearly, all those thousands of people do not want to make the country a Hindu nation. Mourni is pregnant by drinking peeps of tears, even though this thing is wrong and unscientific. But millions of people in this country consider it right and true, and will continue to believe it until they get convincing proof that pearl is pregnant with the combination of peacocks, peacocks like other animals.

Written By:- Mr.Bholaram Ahirwar
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