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Must read-How and when to become Hindus

How and when to become Hindus

Must read-How and when to become Hindus

In the ancient religious literature of India, the word Hindu is not written anywhere. Brahmin literature (Vedic literature) Buddhist literature or Jain literature, in all these ancient and religious literature, the old word which is found in relation to religion, is the word Arya.
According to Jawaharlal Nehru, the old broad word for religion or religion is found in India (Arya Dharma) that all the thoughts come within the Aryan religion, which has its origin in India. Whether they are Vedic, whether or not Buddhism, even if it is the opinion of the Jains. The word 'Aya' has also been used by the Buddhists and the Jains. Buddha always used the path of his salvation to be called Arya Marg. "
Vedic religion "or" Brahmin religion "is used for the moral teachings and practices of those who are believed to be based on the Vedas. In this way all those people who generally consider Vedas as proof books are called Vedic religion or Brahmin religion. Similarly, Lord Gautam Buddha's teachings and teachings are believed to be worshipers and Buddhist monk Buddhist sect or Buddhist dhamma. Similarly, people who believe in the teachings and teachings of Lord Mahavir Swami (Nigthanthnath's son) are called people of Jain religion. Scientific evidence to believe that the person teaching the other gurus of Sikhism are called to follow Sikhism Hindu word is a foreign word. Foreign Muslims had given this name to the residents of India.
The people of West and Central Asia used the word Hindu for the people of India but for those settling across the Shindu river. The word Hindu is apparently derived from the word Sindhu. Hindus and Hindus are formed by this word of Sindhu, Hindus do not mean people who believe in a particular religion, but those who live across the Shindhu river are living across the Sindhu river, meaning Vedic, Jain, The people of Buddhist and Sikh sects believe in it. In India, people of Western and Central Asia used to call Hindus who believe in all these Panths.
In the Indian Constitution there is a clear interpretation of Hindu words and Hinduism. Under the Explanation 2 of Article 25 of the Constitution, the person who believes in Vedic, Sikh, Jain and Buddhism is Hindu, and instructions for the religious institutions of Hindus will be imposed by the institutions of Vedic, Sikh, Jain and Buddhist religions. Article 25 of the Indian Constitution and it is clear from the historical facts that Hinduism is a Hindu family of four religions, Vedic religion, Sikh religion, Jainism and Buddhism.
Vedic religion was also called Brahmin religion even during the Buddhist and in later times. Because Brahmin religion has been given priority and Brahmin is promoted and promoted by the Brahmins. Hindu Marriage Act, Hindu Succession Act and Hindus All the laws that have been made for them (Brahmin religion, Buddhist religion, Jainism, and Sikh religion) are those who believe in these four religions and According to the Constitution, people who celebrate these four religions are Hindus. But when the country's government is making census at the time of census, only people who believe in Brahmin religion (Vedic religion) in the census of Hindus Census of Hindus who consider Buddhist, Sikh and Jain cult is not done in Hindus.
The staff involved in the census ask questions to the people, tell them that you believe that religion, Hindu, Muslim, Sikh, Christian, Buddhist or other religion, in these religions. While on the basis of Indian constitution and historical facts, people should be questioned at the time of census, if you believe in Hinduism, then which cult you consider, because Hindus are Brahmin creed, Jain sect, Sikhism, Buddhist cult People who believe in the four creed are called.But obviously the census workers do not take different information of the sects of Hindu religion, they are those who believe in Brahmin religion.
People who believe in Hinduism write census and people of Jain, Buddhist and Sikh castes do census separately from the Hindus. This is because during the census of the country, most of the Brahmins still remain in the government positions. is . Brahmin is sitting on the top of the power and so far the Brahmins sit in the country. Policy makers in the country are mostly Brahminical people. That is why these Brahminical politicians propagate Brahminism as Hinduism and Brahmin religion as Hindu religion. So that the fatal Brahminism for the country and humanity can not weaken from the country.
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