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70 years of Independence and our Constitution

70 years of Independence and our Constitution
70 years of Independence and our Constitution
We left the the British on 15th August 1947 from our country. Often, we have told this only that when the British left India, we got independence but we could not call it true independence, if we got independence in the right way, then Independence came when Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar wrote a constitution based on the country's equality, independence and brotherhood, giving equal rights to all the citizens of the country and on January 26, 1950, the Constitution of the country The applicable was applicable, but this constitution has remained on the page only.
When Dr. Ambedkar was prepared by the constitution of this country on 26th November 1949 and appeared in the Constituent Assembly on that day, then Baba Saheb gave a speech in the Constituent Assembly that "I will not be able to count the goodness of the Constitution because I think that If the Constitution of India is not good, but the determination of those who run it will not be clean, then this Constitution will eventually prove to be bad, but the Constitution of the country is so bad”.

Today even after 68 years of leaving the country for 70 years of British rule, and even after 68 years of declaration of the Constitution, there is a system of Social economically ,Politically irresponsible in this country, today in today 21st century India, oppression of oppression in the name of casteism And people's land is grabbed. The reservation system which is in the Constitution of the country is being weakened, today is the day when there are incidents of rape with sisters and daughters of Bahujan Samaj, poverty rises in the name of religion and religiousness in poverty in the country.

More than 40 million youths of the country are victims of unemployment and escapism; incidents like suicide of farmers in the coming days; Today the situation of farmers, laborers, job seekers, and small businessmen in this country Has become bad to worse.

In such a country which has ruled for 70 years and is doing it, he never made the Constitution in the right mind, and the Brahmins did not apply the constitution of the country to the Constitution of India, whether it was the BJP government at the Center. Whether it was the Congress government, he never fully implemented the Constitution, but tried to weaken the Constitution.
These Brahminical people tried to eliminate the constitution but due to the Bahujan leaders like Kanshiram Sahab did not do so, but now in the 21st Century, because of the BJP's RSS in the Central and the States, once again the danger of constitution increases and if the BJP returns to power in 2019 then it will change the constitution and make this country a Hindu nation.
We are not writing this like this. I want to remind all the people through this article that the statement of the Union Minister Ananth Kumar Hegde of the Bharatiya Janata Party was exposed on December 25, 2017. He said that in the year 2019, Will return again.
This statement of BJP central minister proves that Brahminic governments want to end the constitution in the country and Brahmanical people are going towards ending the constitution of this country and going towards making a Hindu nation, means Hindu nation. According to the Hindu religion in the Hindu nation in this country, the manuvan system once again came back, this country is divided into Brahmin Kshatriya Vaishya and Shudra four characters. (Divided), the Brahmanical system means high and low caste casteism, superstition, system of blind faith, if this system is implemented in this country, then in the lowest order in the Varna system, 52% OBC, SC ST and women of all classes Women will not be given any rights and their condition will be very bad.
If this Brahminic government has to be stopped, then 85% of the country's Bahujan Samaj will have to be united and in the elections of 2019, Brahminical governments will have to show their way out of power. Only then can we save this system and the Constitution.

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