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Mayawati PM claim to be confirm

Mayawati PM claim to be confirm
BSP Pracidant mayawati ji
Mayawati Ji
2019 Election As it is approaching, opposition parties have started to unite against the BJP in 2019, in this way, the strongest side against BJP and the candidate of the Bahujan Samaj Party as president of the National President  Kumari Mayawati ji is the first name, that is because if the tent of BJP is able to evacuate anybody then she is Mayawati ji and she is the Bahan ji best candidate for the post of Prime Minister.
And talk about Mayawati ji rule, they have a very good experience to rule 4 times in India's largest state of Uttar Pradesh, and the strengthening of law and order in their governments is not being concealed from anyone, The claim of the PM position becomes even stronger, the Congress and other opposition parties, who are trying to oust the BJP from power, are not possible to live without the sister because Bahujan Samaj.

Allinson of the recently-held SP BSP proves that whatever party of Bahujan Samaj Party combines alliance with the party is sure to win.

EX: - 1 By now, the by-election of the Lok Sabha by-election in Uttar Pradesh, the BSP supported the election of SP. In Uttar Pradesh Yogi Adityanath,parliamentary,constituency and Deputy CM Keshav Prasad Maurya defeated BJP in the Lok Sabha constituency. The BJP was defeated in another by-election.

EX: - 2. A coalition of BSP and JDS was formed in the Karnataka elections in May, the party which was on the verge of ending JDS, the BSP won 38 seats and the Congress was not able to get majority because of the knees Coming back to JDS and making CM Kumar JD of JDS and becoming an MLA minister of BSP.
If BSP did not combine these parties, then winning these parties alone would not be possible.
Recently, from the latest example, it proves that no party of BSP can not gain power and sister Kumari Mayawati is the biggest contender for the post of Prime Minister, some days before seeing a video clip of National Dastak In the video clips, National Knock Editor's journalist Shambhu Kumar Singh ji heard his statement in the video and said about BSP, "If the BSP leaves 5-5 seats in 28 states except Uttar Pradesh Alliance does, but sister can easily become PM.

This statement made me feel good, so I wrote in the article, if anybody is able to show BJP out of power, then she is Bahan Kumari Mayawati.

Jay Bheem  Jay Bharat Jay Kanshiram.

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Rahul Bouddh
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