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Vedic religion and Vardhaman Mahaveer Swami

Vedik religion and Hindu Religion
Vedik religion and Hindu Religion

Vedic religion and Vardhaman Mahaveer Swami

Rigveda is considered to be the oldest script of the world, according to historians, the composition of the Rig Veda may have been probably from 1500 to 1000 BC, after which, the other three Vedas would have been composed in 1500 B.C. before 200 AD, the number of Vedas 4th is the Rigveda, Yajurveda, Samaveda, also found in Iran, which is named Avesta Avestan, according to Dr. Radha Kumudand, "Rig veda and A There is so much similarity in Vesta that Article of the entire paragraph can be done in Indian language without any word or texture. "

The Vedas are of utmost importance in Hinduism, the Vedas are considered as authentic texts, that is, every single word written in the Vedas is considered completely true. It is believed that, just as the eyes of the world are needed to see objects, similarly the Vedas are required to know the supernatural second world facts. Those who do not believe in the Vedas and those who condemn the Vedas are called atheists. Considering the Vedas as authentic texts, Puranas and Ramayana, Mahabharata were composed, therefore Vedas and epics have been considered as part of Vedas. There are several such principles in the Vedas that those who follow Hindu religion (Brahmin religion) follow the main principles in those principles.

1. The composition of the words is God-devoted, the Vedas emerged from the mouth of Brahma.

2. Because Vedas have come out of Brahma's mouth, therefore one word of the Vedas can not be questioned.

3. Brahma has composed the universe (universe).

4. Brahmaan from the mouth of Brahma, Kshatriyas from the arms, Vaishyas from the stomach, and Shudras have been formed from the feet. That is why the Brahmin class is the highest and the highest, below the Kshatriya Brahmins but above the Vaishyas, the Vaishyas are above the Kshatriyas and above the Shudras. In the four letters, the Shudras are considered to be the lowest.

5. According to the teachings, teaching of Brahmin's work and teaching of religious rituals, reigning and protecting the work of Kshatriyas, doing business of Vaishyas and doing the only work of Shudras to serve three characters.

6. According to the Vedas, women of all classes, including Shudras and Brahmins, have no right to read and do rituals.

7. According to the habits, the person is born in higher and lower total according to the deeds of previous birth.

8. Receiving liberation or salvation of the soul is done by sacrificing animals in Vedic sacrifices and performing other religious functions and donating to Brahmins.

Even those who criticized the Vedas have been called atheists, but Saint Mahatmas who have been criticizing the Vedas from the ancient times and not accepting the Vedas in the country have been born, who rebelled from Hinduism (Brahmin religion) and Hindus Dharma (Brahman Dharma) has been making separate sect (Dharma) apart.

Vedic religion was dominated in India till the 7th century BC, character system was strictly adhered to. The king and the ruler used to rule the Vedic system according to the instructions of Brahmins and Raj Gurus. Animals were sacrificed in sacrifice, superstitions and rituals were dominated by the untouchables used to be away from the shadow of the untouchables.

At such times, in 599 BC, the founder of Jain religion Vardhaman Mahavir was born, Mahavir Swamy refused to accept the Vedas as authentic texts, and his independent views were removed from the Vedas of Mahavira, who were strictly against the sacrifice of animals in yagya, Mahavir  wanted that all the creatures have the right to live, so all people should stay away from violence, their teachings have a profound effect on the people. Have had And due to that deep effect, people became disillusioned with Vedic religion, and many kings and rulers became the disciples of Vardhaman Mahavir Swami, people who believed in the teachings and teachings of Mahavir Swami were called Jain afterwards Jain cult Brahmin religion Separated from a separate cult religion became established.
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