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Occupation of Hindu religion in government institutions

Occupation of Hindu religion in government institutions

Manu Rajasthan High Court
Jai Bheem
In the Constitution of our country, it has been said of secularism, means not in favor of any religion, it is said that 68 years from January 26, 1950 to 2018, Hindu religion is being occupied in government institutions, The constitution says the Constitution speaks of absoluteness, and those who say that the country runs through the constitution, then why is the occupation of Hindu religion in the government institutions, on this issue we think The forces on the area, and comes Question in mind: -

Question:- Is there a Hindu population only in India?
Answer: - No
Question:- If India does not have a population of Hindus, then is the whole country favored by Hindu religion?
Answer: - No

If India does not have only a Hindu population, nor does it consider Hindu religion as a whole country, then why is the possession of Hindu religion in government institutions, we need to understand this point of thinking.

Where is the possession of Hindu religion: -
Today, in every government institutions of the country, the image or idol of Goddess of Hinduism may have been seen somewhere and perhaps you have also come to have the question that why there is only an image or idol of goddesses in government departments, institutions , And why other religions are Muslims, Christians, Jain is not religion of religion, this question must have come to your mind, you must have always seen that government, school, college, government department, ho Spital, police station etc. will definitely have a temple of Hindu religion or you will definitely see the statue or photo of Goddess gods in these divisions and its largest exmaple statue of Manu outside the Rajasthan High Court is established.
Hinduism in Government school or colleges: -
Whenever we go to study in Government schools or colleges, there are idols or statues of gods and goddesses, there is definitely the worship of goddesses before the beginning of any program in the school college, and then the program starts, whereas the school starts In the college there are not only teachers and students of Hinduism, but there are people of all faiths, but there is special importance given to Hinduism.

Even so, the special Hindu religion has been given importance in Syllabus from the first to the tenth in the government school and the question about the Hindu religion is questioned.

Occupation of Hindu religion in government departments: -
If we talk about the government departments, the statue or goddess of Goddesses, especially in the offices of government departments such as police station, collectorate, railway station, tahsil, government bank and various types of government departments, It has to be seen that the temples of Hindus outside or outside of the office of government departments are mostly, and especially in the jails, the temples of Hindu religion would be built and It is a daily worship ceremony, whereas in all government departments all those who believe in religion are working there and people from all religions come from their work but only to see that the Hindu religion is forced to occupy force while it is against the constitution and democracy. But without any pressure in the government department and the office, they have set up idols of temples and deities here.

Why is that so?
The question arises that why the Hindu religion is forcibly imposing pro-Hindu activists, it can understand that such conspiracy of Brahminical RSS and Hindu organizations is being made that every Goverment, photo of Hindu deities in private department and The temple should be established so that as I mentioned in the previous article, the main purpose of this is to make India a Hindu nation.

Right now, Hindutva Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) run by RSS has a complete majority in the Lok Sabha to change the constitution and declare as a Hindu Nation, but there is no absolute majority in the Rajya Sabha yet, but when a complete majority in the Rajya Sabha will prove to be proved and by Brahminical ruling leaders Will declare a Hindu nation, then ask those questions why the Hindu nation is created then the BJP RSS leader asks this question They will say in the answer that for many years, there is an idol of goddesses in all the government offices in the country, and the temple is established then nobody has opposed it means that the country's public is in favor of forming a Hindu nation, then we do nothing Will find
In the Hindu nation, 85% of the country's population will be in a state of turmoil. You have read this very well in my last article 70 years of independence and our constitution.

If you are thinking of all the reads, if some people are thinking that this is a common thing, then I want to tell it that this is a very serious issue. We have to think carefully and get out of it.

Please tell us how you think this article in the comment box and your suggestions must tell us

Jai Bhim Jai India
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