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You Should read - Who is this Ambedkar?

You Should read - Who is this Ambedkar?

Reservation parent? Caste Guard? Religion breaks?
The Englishman, the enemy of the Brahmins?
Hindus opposition? terrorist? Or a noble leader?

Who is this Ambedkar?
It may be that many people object to these words, but above 85 percent of the people of this country are trying to establish and describe Baba Saheb in this form. Ambedkar was a teacher, a lawyer, he was a guru, he was a doctor, was a social reformer, a thinker, a thinker, an economist, a wise man, a scholar, a great person, a visionary, a common man. All like Just wit was sharp, thinking was developed and the karma was fair.
Tomorrow, when a Chaturvedi objected to the WattsAP group saying that the photograph of a Chamar should not be sent to this group, then 99 percent of the group members came to know about life and then the contest started with the contest, with all the above words. This is almost the total social media and mindset of people. What do you understand, will you argue?

When the Constitution of the country was created, almost 99.99 percent of the people did not even know what the constitution was at the end. He did not even know what the name of democracy and law is. Today their offspring are engaged in marking the question on the same Constitution and the Constitution Maker. Whose life was spent in the tunes of the British and the tricks of the kings, he is now speaking witty speech on patriotism and law. They consider curbing reservations and castes as social harmony. They consider religion and social representation to be a waste of the temple's reservation.

Well! This is their freedom of expression; otherwise, on the law and identity of our country, hardly a question is raised in a country on its own society and a large part of the country. Today the question is not reservation, constitution or Ambedkar because opposing anybody has become fashion of this country. But I crave the mentality of those people who argue that the reservation is losing the ability. These merit strikers, who stripped the ability of Eklavya and Shambuk, still attack in the dark of night to prevent any dalit from becoming an IAS. Who has said that the reservation is not in any country? They were told that the Constitution is a copy paste or that the British Government's Government of India Act is a trunk.

Such people are living in the 18th century. Because he has not read the history of the world, neither the reservation nor the constitution In the world where reservations are called affirmative action and apartheid is given advantage to ethnicity, which includes countries like developed countries like Australia, Canada, America etc. Secondly, those people do not know that Brahmin, Kshatriyya, Vaishya, Shudra are not found in foreign countries, but there is a reservation for equality based on poverty, but not social, religious, political or apartheid based discrimination and mentality.

As far as the copy of the constitution is concerned, they never read the constitution of their country, neither the history. On one hand when he believes that the reservation is not abroad, on the other side argues that the reservation in the constitution has been provided by Dr. Ambedkar who is wrong. That is, according to their condition, the Constitution is ever a copy paste, never wrong or useless. Very few people know that half of the Government of India, when it was made in 1935, were made with the idea of ​​Babasaheb, who were in the Indian system for the betterment of the Indian people.

Apart from the views of Baba Saheb Dr. Bhimrao Ambedkar, apart from reservations, establishment of Reserve Bank of India, Hirakund, Damodar river valley project, Electric grid system, Sevnojan office, Finance Commission, all the laws of women, special laws of Dalits, exploited and backward , The working hours of the workers from 14 hours to 8 and maternity leave, independent election commission, adult franchise, democracy and no Ane hundreds of things is impossible to give such a Babasaheb gave to this country, but in people's eyes gained religion and goggles race to look forward.

The entire framework of the Indian system, when it was right, is in the constitution. What can be done good and bad is dependent on governments from time to time. What is being done today is going on any side, it will go to the extreme of its boom, but from there itself, his last journey will also start. Therefore, proud of your country's heritage, national symbols and great men, along with law and order, make a resolve to keep them well so that we can fulfill the dream of the developed nation. Thank you.


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  1. Dr.B.R.Ambedkar is the Greatest Person of the World.

  2. This is Vary Nice Article ,Jai Bheem Jai Bharat

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