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Conspiracy to make slogans from dual education policy in India

Conspiracy to make slogans from dual education policy in India

Different between government School and Private School
Different between government School and Private School

In our India, the people of Bahujan Samaj (SC ST OBC) did not have the right to write or read in the time of Manusmriti period, nor did our Bahujan great men, In particular in the field of education Mahatma Jyotiba Phule and Deshmita Mata Savitri Phule's reason for sacrificing and sacrificing the people of the backward classes Drbaje writing reading could be educated open why Sardar Patel and Dr. backward class person like Ambedkar

Constituent Assembly was formed in July 1946
After the British left India on August 15, 1947, after this, the Dalit exploited sufferers of this country got the opportunity to write the fate of financially vulnerable people as a constitution to Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar.

Baba Saheb gave equal rights to all the citizens of India under article 14 of the Constitution and got the right to freedom in Article Article 19.

Conspiracy to remove the majority from education: -
On January 26, 1950, after the constitution was enacted, the Bahujan Samaj had an opportunity to write a special reading, especially in the field of Bahujan Samaj, the SC ST OBC started to pursue education and began to pursue a job profession.

But the 15% of the people of this country, who did not like to go ahead, write the people of Brahmin Baniya Thakur to read the SC ST OBC of Bahujan Samaj, because they feared that if these people started reading this way and started moving forward, Not when these people will match us.

Due to this inequal thinking thinking of these Manuites, these 15% handful of people adopted the education policy of doubling to remove the Bahujan Samaj from education and the education was divided into two parts.
1. Private School
2. Goverment School

1. Private School: -
Private School Private School An education which has built better education facilities, which has central board CBSC, fees for these schools are more than 25-50 thousand rupees, the people who have economic status are strong Schools are sent for education and the future of children is secured in these schools. In these schools, good education should be given to the children so that they can do something in the future. That the child's 15% Manuvadi handful of people, most schools can read these private schools children of high government officials, from the IAS IPS in private schools Private School are read in schools and keeps them secure future.

2. Goverment School
Today the condition of government schools is very bad. In government schools, children of Bahujan Samaj are being begging in the name of education. Schools have been made government dhabas here, in these government schools, instead of slate plates in our government schools And the bowl is being pumped.

In these government schools, there are cycles, books get, scholarships are received, otherwise education does not get; In these schools, children of Bahujan Samaj are being cheated very much, instead of being educated in government schools. Are just making literate.

State governments have enforced the rules that the children from the first to the eighth grade have to be passed in unread freely. But when this child passes from the first to the eighth of the unread, the children will ignore ignorance and result in 9th and 10th of the children.

We have to think and think very seriously that these governments are being made a big conspiracy to make children and children of our Bahujan Samaj into bondage and knowledge.

Today due to this policy, more than 90% of children are failing in 9th and 10th because their foundation is being weakened, our Scheduled Castes, Scheduled Tribes, Backward Classes, and Minorities (Muslim Sikh Buddhists) are economically weaker children. Does not have the ability to teach in private schools.

Today, after 9th and 10th failures due to this policy, most of our society is forced to flee for the work; firstly, bonded wages were used in the fields, now bonded wages in factories.

You can understand this from the fact that in the government school, the teacher's son, son's daughter, does not read in the government school, but teaches at the private school Private School. You can understand this situation from the people.

Those 10% of the students who had passed today, had to compete with the children of those CBSEs after 12th standard, and they would be left behind if the specially-made SC ST OBCs of the Bahujan Samaj reached the higher education, they could not get a job today. Young youths doing BA, MA, PHD, Engineer, Pharmacy are victims of unemployment, if 5% went further, they either reached higher education or got job jobs, then these 15% people started sticking in the eye and the racist dynamite mentality Due to governance Is disturbed by the ruled, that is why to be a victim because of suicide, injustice, oppression and racist mentality

This Congress is BJP's government, it is not right that there is a great conspiracy to make SC, ST, OBC, Majority (Muslim, Sikh, Christian, Buddhist) and people of economically weaker society enslaved.
Solution: - If you want to solve, we will have to obey Baba Saheb.

Baba Saheb had said -

"O people of my Bahujan Samaj, if you want to open the door of your liberation, if you want freedom from suffering, then take possession of the temple of that power and fight for your rights"
Jai Bhim Jai Kanshiram Jai India
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