Tuesday, 26 February 2019

Is knowledge important for us

       Is knowledge important for us Part 1
Hello friends my name is Rahul I am about to “is knowledge important for us”.
Every person want to be success in own life . and we need to knowledge for make successful man. Because without knowledge, we can not be successful so every person need to knowledge . So my question is ….
Which medium can we get knowledge ?
we can get knowledge many types:-
1.We can get knowledge nearby things and action medium. this is a most important for get knowledge.
Example:- we live in home. while living home. having looked nearby incident, we can understand , we can get knowledge from family . Such as , there is problem in our house. having together family. family faces problems . and family solves the problems. this is a big knowledge for us.
2. My second think is that, we can get knowledge by experience and we can learn through experience. this is a very important for us, because if you have knowledge, but if you have not experience, you will be able to get success in more time, so experience is most important for us ,
For example- suppose you are going to Bhopal from Sagar. while going Bhopal
you will get many types of people, suppose you are going Bhopal by train, there will be many people in train , and you will meet lots of people. Some people will talk from you , having  got new people,you will have experience . Having reached Bhopal, you will stay in hotel or relatives house. You will get experience of culture atmosphere language etc.
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