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Biography of Deenabhana ji

Deena bhana ji 

This person is born on February 28, 1928 in Jaipur, Rajasthan, Bamcef's founder member, Deen Bhana ji. He inspired Bamcef's founding president, Valmakar Kanshi Ram, with the views of Babasaheb. Dr. Kanshiram spread the ideas of Baba Saheb all over India.

Today, the great fire of Jai Bhim, Jai Native resident of the whole country has been done by the great leader of Valmiki society, Ms. Dinena Bhana ji. Deenabhana ji was a stubborn person. In his childhood, his father used to take milk out of the upper castes. He wanted to buy a buffalo in his mind. He bought a buffalo from father and started to buy a buffalo because of racism. reason ? The eldest of his father's milk was not seen from his milk. He called his father and said that you will compete with the people of small castes. You will eat the piggygging buffalo. Sell this buzz now. His father sold the buzz due to excessive pressure. . This thing started in the heart of Dinabhana ji. He left the house and fled to Delhi.

He heard Babasaheb's speech and heard the speech, he felt that this is the person who can end the casteism from this country. Dinabhanaji understood the idea of ​​Babasaheb and wanders after Babasaheb's Nirvana, came to Poona and Gola Barooda in Poona Started service as a cleanman in the factory (Defense Research and Development Organization - DRDO). Where Ramdasia Chamar Maa Kanshiram Sahib (15.03.1934 - 09.10.2006) Ropar (Rupnagar) was a class resident of Punjab, but who was Babasaheb to Kanshi Ram Ji? It was not known. Because of the holiday of Ambedkar Jayanti at that time, Deenabhana jumped so much that due to which Dinabhana ji was sacked from the job. On this, Kanshi Ram was keeping a watch. He asked Dinabhana Ji, who is this Babasaheb who caused you to go to his job? Born in the Mahar caste, Dinabhana and his colleagues working in the department, Nagpur, Maharashtra resident, MaD DK Khaparde (13.05.1939 - 29.02.2000), who was the second founding president of Bamcef, named Kanshiram ji as 'Jati Bhikkhata' of Babasaheb. The book, Joe Kanshiram ji, read many times in the night and said in the morning on the meeting of Dinabhanaji, Dina will also give you a vacation and also get a job and in this country, the birth anniversary of Babasaheb Not rest until Ti make neither offers until both Baetuga because it would my shoemaker thing you Chuhdha I Ramdasia with you. Kanshi Ram Sahib quit his job and created Babasaheb's mission as a 'Bamcef' organization spreading across the country and its founder member Dinabhana Ji. Parineviran of this great man was born on August 29, 2006 in Poona. If Dinabhana was not there then it would not have been Bamcef nor the Ambedkarism movement would have been going on for the change of system. Jai Bhim in this country! The slogan would have disappeared, and today the Brahmins, who are immersed in the nose of the Brahmins! Had a slogan All Valmiki brothers are requested to be educated by trying to abandon the activities that are supposed to be derogatory and disrespectful by inspiration from the so-called Mahamurusha Ramayana's creator Valmiki and the founder member of the Dana Bhawan, Bamsef. Stay Organized! Fight! Make an effort to establish an example in the advancement of your own and your native society by following the principles .
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